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Black Ruins Forest
(Book 1 in the Elder Series)

 Fate must've been bored. They’ve decided my lifecycle needs to be shaken up a bit. It's bad enough waiting and wondering which of the four shifter animals I'm going to turn into.

To top it all off I have these weird and crazy daydreams that come and go whenever they want. Leaving me disoriented. They’ve gotten me into trouble more than I like to admit. Then came to find out the Elders want to kill me or use me for some unforeseen reason. So, here I am on the run just to survive. With my best friend Kira, my mom and a bunch of dragon shifter I barely know. Oh, and the crush of my lifecycle Kiernan.

I’m really missing my old boring lifecycle right about now. If I can ever get back to it. I’m not taking it for granted again.

Will the Black Ruins Forest hold the answers we are all seeking, or will it just make things worse? There’s only one way to find out and pray to the source we all survive long enough to get those answers.

“Her fate will either kill her or empower her.”

If you love shifter books! Check this one out.









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Black Ruins Blood (Book 2 in The Elders Series)

I thought coming to the Black Ruins Forest would give me the answers to the questions I so desperately needed. Instead I have more questions and no answers.


Now here I am trying to figure out how to destroy the oldest and strongest dragons alive, the Elders to become the next ruler of Zilo. No problem, right? Yeah, not as easy as it sounds.


The forest will only keep us a safe for so long before the Elders find out where we are. If they find us. We are all dead. So, here we sit trying to figure out a way to make it through alive.


The best part out of all of this is I've gained a huge family I never knew I wanted and the worst part is now I have more enemies I never even knew existed. Around every turn there is something or someone else we need to deal with.


Fate really hates me! She twisted my lifecycle apart and spit me out. I will never be the same person again. That's what scares me the most.


“Fate may have empowered me, but she also destroyed who I use to be.”







Black Ruins Falls


The Final book in the Elder Series!


Black Ruins Falls


My lifecycle has started to be repaired when my pack became family. I would do anything for them. With there being so many new bonds it makes me happy and worry even more.


Now more than ever with these powerful enemies breathing down our backs and unexpected people from our past showing up. I feel like I’m drowning and can’t get enough air to breath or think.


With all of this going on a special surprise comes early, but she is the only one who can help me defeat the Elders once and for all. As much as I wish it wasn’t so, I have to believe we will all make it out of this alive.


Sometimes I wonder if we will even survive long enough to see the future we all want.


“Only the strong will survive, I’m stronger than my enemies.”

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Skye's whole life she has been told she was the one to defeat the dark source. She took pride in getting rid of evil. Until the coven that has been her life tries to use her for their selfish ways.


Turning her back on them felt right at the time. Maybe she made a huge mistake, but she was never letting them use her.


Drik's life has been nothing but fun and games. Spreading evil as much as he can. He know there is a light witch that is destined to destroy him, but he has come up with a plan to change that destiny.


Will their souls handle what is destined for them or will they destroy each other any way they can?


Wherever her light goes, his darkness will follow.


One path, one destiny, two fated

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Dark Magic turned Light by Fate.


The truth always comes out. Whether you want I know it or not. New enemies surface while old ones become your family.


Finding out what you were never meant to be is something that took me by surprise. To top everything else off. I didn’t see what was happening in my own home. If it wasn’t for Skye being my soul mate. My life would be destroyed by a father who was supposed to love me. Instead, he used me for an end game. One I plan on stopping. If I can manage to get these new powers under control in time to stop him.


Goddess Caireen has something up her sleeve that we have to figure out what it is before it’s too late. I’m starting to think she is using use for an end game too. But for the life of me, I can’t figure out what or why. She has been meddling in human lives. From our understanding that is forbidden. I pray we figure it out before it cost us all our lives.


The only question I have is, what happens if we can’t get the balance back in order? What if we all fail? Will the world really be destroyed? If so by whom? The darkness or the Gods and goddesses.


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Adulting isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

Even grown-ups need a time out. Many of us use reading and books as our escape from reality.

Time Out: Author Edition is a Crazy Ink treasure hunt book for adults looking for a new way to chill out.

Tune the world out and step into the crazy madness that comes with your favorite stories, authors and their magical fictional worlds.

Full color crazy images that will leave you hunting the afternoon away in this adult/mature teen scavenger hunt featuring pages dedicated to zany authors building, for you, new worlds this time in pictures…

Happy hunting!

Participating Authors:

Rita Delude

BeBe Harlow

Amy Cecil

Rena Marin

Skylar McKinzie

Erin Lee

EL George

Jay Marie

L. Salt

Mila Waters

Michele Shriver

MW Brown

Karen DuBose

Tressa Rabbit

Bella Emy

Stacy Sparks

Lorah Jaiyn

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If you love the Little Mermaid. You will love my adult dark twist on it.


 Just outside of the big city limits of Lexington, Kentucky, the small and mysterious town of Shady Oaks exists. With an eerily welcoming presence, it offers its residents charm, beauty, and secrets. Surrounded by a large forest and rivers, this secluded town provides the perfect scene for supernatural and paranormal events to occur. Only, the humans haven't' learned of the secrets their alluring town holds. Or have they?


My life was almost perfect until the unthinkable happened. Darkness surrounds me every day almost to the point I’m tempted to let it take my humanity away just to get the feeling to go away. 


My best friend Edna is the only one that talks to me anymore. My own mother despises me and is psycho. She is a mermaid like me. The only difference is she wants to lose her humanity but not until she makes my life a living hell. 


Most of the town thinks I murdered someone, but I didn't. I would never kill the only light I had in my life. My ex-boyfriend Gage and his father Mr. Cada are trying to use me to get something from my mother. What they don't understand is I can't. 


The only way to stop both my mother and Mr. Cada is to sacrifice myself. Something I really don't want to do but have no choice. I don't get to have a happy ever after.

This is an Adult paranormal twist on classic fairy tale story in the Shady Oaks series. This series of books twists your favorite fairy tales, legends, and myths into paranormal and supernatural stories for both young adults and adults. Each one is labeled for either young adults or adults, so make sure to pick carefully. The series is a collaborative effort by multiple authors from Kingston Publishing. Each book is generally a stand-alone, so you can read them in any order.

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Dark twisted retelling


How much do you love The Nightmare Before Christmas?

I bet you will love my dark retelling. Check it out today.


Blurb: When you live in a world of what nightmares are made of, you wonder to yourself, could there be more?

Being the king is no easy task. Ask Jax he will tell you all about it. He is after all the Pumpkin King of Halloweenville who loves to scare people. 


Lately, Jax has been getting bored wondering if there is more to the world; he lives in. He used to enjoy scaring everyone. Now though it feels more like a job than actually having fun, even the kids laugh and ask him to do it again. 


Little does he know there is a much bigger world out there than the world of nightmares. One he will never forget anytime soon. Stepping into Shady Oaks has changed him forever. Something he never thought would ever happen.  


Let’s not forget Boogie. He is mean and powerful. He is always trying to find ways to make Jax suffer for something he never did. That is until things take a turn for the worse. Being a king doesn’t always make you invisible.


With everything going on, Jax’s heart was stolen by Shayla. The one person Jax is scared to be around for too long. He doesn’t want to scare her away. Showing his feelings is not something he is used to, and he doesn’t want them to shine through, causing her to run from him. 


Things change to fast for Jax to get a grip on things and to make matters worse. He can’t protect the one person he loves more than life itself. With some powerful help from Shady Oaks, it may be the only way to save his world from the darkness that is slowly killing his world. That is until the darkness finds its way to Shady Oaks.


This is an Adult paranormal twist on classic fairy tale story in the Shady Oaks series. This series of books twist your favorite fairy tales, legends, and myths into paranormal and supernatural stories for both young adults and adults. Each one is labeled for either young adults or adults, so make sure to pick carefully. The series is a collaborative effort by multiple authors from Kingston Publishing. Each book is generally a stand-alone, so you can read them in any order.


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A Crazy Ink Anthology 

Have you got your copy yet? You don’t want to miss out on these amazing stories.






Some people believe in curses. 

Others believe curses are myths ... until it happens to them.

When these authors gather to unravel the mysteries behind curses, will everyone get out alive? Or, will they stay cursed forever?

Welcome to The Curse.

8 Amazing stories by:

Karen Dubose 

K.T. Munson

Olivia Marie

Rena Marin 

Michelle Edwards

T. Elizabeth Guthrie 

LJC Fynn

Hope Sherrill



Kismet (The Quira Chronicles Book 1)


A war is brewing in Heaven that will soon spill over to Earth, and only the Quira can stop it. The half angels are the key to saving the world, but first they have to be found.


Meet Violet. At just 22 she's at the top of her game in the advertising industry. One night at the club she sees him across the room. Aviel is an angel that will turn her life upside down. Violet’s fate is wound tight with twelve other Quira’s. What will she do?


Meet Luca. Also 22, he's set to take over his father's software company. His life is perfect until Violet and Aviel find him. After they save his life he finally learns what he is. Will he follow his fate and become the man his family believes he can be.


Follow Violet and Luca as they deal with what they are and discover what they are capable of.


**** Live ****

Deep in the mountains of Alaska, a war flares.

Oskar and his pack of Yetis has a problem and are faced with a tough decision. The Vampire King has something important to the pack and one wrong move he will destroy everything they have been protecting. They can either follow the Vampire King's orders or go after what is rightfully theirs.

As the Alpha, Oskar, needs to make the right choice to save his people even if it means lighting a match to an unavoidable war. Can matches play with fire, or will the Yeti’s get burned protecting their people?

Find out in this fantasy novel full of twists and turns and a backstage pass into an epic tale of angst, love, and thrill.